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...Through Life, Love or Loss...


I’ll Stand by You - LOSS

Funerals and memorial services - “The process of creating such an important ​celebration... can be overwhelming–especially if you are planning the ceremony while you ​are grieving. To help, many people now turn to a funeral celebrant... A funeral celebrant... ​will work with you to create a ceremony that is highly personalized...” FuneralWise.Com

Your service can be ecumenical (Christian), Interfaith or non- religious.

Zoom and Virtual Services Available - I also offer virtual ceremonies using video ​conferencing platforms such as Zoom. “The ability to stream funeral services and ​therefore enable distant family and friends to participate without extensive travel is a ​significant way that technology will change the funeral industry.” (US Funerals Online)

Holding a virtual funeral or memorial service offers several advantages: It’s easy for ​distant guests to participate, you can include slideshows, pre-recorded eulogies, music, ​videos, readings, pictures and other special components.

Digital and Print Services Available - I can help you create mementos and keepsakes ​that can be used during the service or afterwards. These include print, digital and ​specialized graphic art products such as: Digital photo albums, PowerPoints, videos, ​funeral programs, bookmarks, memorial and prayer cards.

Metal urn at a funeral
Modern Art Design Frame
Modern Art Design Frame


I’ll Stand by You - LOVE

Since 2001

I’ve been presiding over weddings for 20+ years and believe that everyone ​should have an opportunity to personalize their wedding in ways that are ​meaningful to them and their loved ones.

Whether your plans call for a wedding in a church, your backyard, a hotel ​ballroom or a boat - let me help you create an unforgettable wedding ​experience!


Throughout 2024, I will be focusing my efforts on Funeral Celebrancy and will ​only be presiding over weddings that come through by referral (friends, ​family, colleagues, etc...).

Modern Art Design Frame
Modern Art Design Frame


I’ll Stand by You - LIFE

I am hoping to reshape the way that people view ​chaplaincy. Most people think that a chaplain’s job is to ​preach or teach theology and religion. Although ​spirituality is involved in a great deal of our work - ​chaplains are specifically trained to listen to, sit with ​and accompany people during hardship and crisis.

In addition to attending seminary and obtaining a ​Master’s Degree, one of my proudest professional ​accomplishments has been completing FOUR units of ​CPE. CPE or Clinical Pastoral Education “...is interfaith ​professional education for ministry. It brings theological ​students and ministers of all faiths...into supervised ​encounters with persons in crisis...” (www.acpe.org)

My chaplaincy experience encompasses missions, law ​enforcement (Corrections), hospital, hospice, community ​and funeral home chaplaincy. I helped found “Until We ​Meet Again” a support group for bereaved parents, and ​have provided marital and premarital counseling to ​many couples throughout the past 20 years.

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Out on the road: Hospice Chaplaincy

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House Calls. Visiting shut ins - Honduras

...Through Life, Love or Loss...

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Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish - Se habla Español

Serving Massachusetts, NH and parts of Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine.